Message 2: Hinderances To Laying Hold On God

Message 2:  Hinderances To Laying Hold On GodMessage 3: The Grip of God (Part Two)Message 1: The grip of God (part one)

Message 4: A personal committment to changeMessage 3: A personal relationship with JesusThe windows

The necessity to build men (T.W. Andoseh)The Conditions of Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ (Sr. Emilia Tendo)The Deep Implication of The Great Commission

A Ministry by Instruction (Theodore Andoseh)My Life as a Student (Br Bissong Enoch)Spiritual Knowledge (Theodore Andoseh)

Jesus Christ The LiberatorWhat a Spiritual Province IsFasting Intercession For Cameroon

Message 2: How to prepare to serve God Part 2 (by T.W. Andoseh, son of Z.T. Fomum) 

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